Anastasia Parini


Anastasia Parini is a PhD student in Psychology, Linguistics and Cognitive Neuroscience, under the supervision of Prof. Maria Teresa Guasti.
After her BA in Languages, Civilisation and the Science of Language (L-11) at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, with an experimental thesis on phonological phenomena in Italian Sign Language (LIS), “Phonological Phenomena in Italian Sign Language (LIS): Epenthesis and Repetition Loss”, supervised by Prof. Chiara Branchini, she obtained her MA in Language Sciences (LM-39) at the same University, with an experimental thesis on some aspects of the syntax of LIS, “Indexical signs (IX) in clause-final position in Italian Sign Language (LIS) – A preliminary study”, supervised by Prof. Chiara Branchini and Prof. Anna Cardinaletti.
She then collaborated with the LeibnizDream research group with a BORSA DI RICERCA, after which she worked for a year as a post-doc researcher on some aspects of LIS linguistics, both supervised by Prof. Maria Teresa Guasti.
Her PhD is part of the ERC Project “Realizing Leibniz’s Dream: Child Languages as a Mirror of the Mind”, and it will focus on language acquisition in LIS.

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