Who we are


Giorgio Arcodia : giorgio.arcodia@unimib.it
Chinese; Morphology; Typology

Fabrizio Arosio : fabrizio.arosio@unimib.it
Language acquisition; Specific language impairments; Dyslexia

Carlo Cecchetto : carlo.cecchetto@unimib.it
Sign languages; Syntax; Working memory

Francesca Foppolo : francesca.foppolo@unimib.it
Experimental semantics and pragmatics; Bilingualism; Language acquisition; Language processing; Eye-tracking

Maria Teresa Guasti : mariateresa.guasti@unimib.it
Language acquisition; Bilingualism; Specific language impairments; Dyslexia; Cochlear implants

Francesca Panzeri : francesca.panzeri@unimib.it
Semantics/Pragmatics interface; Experimental semantics and pragmatics; Language acquisition



Massimo Burattin : m.burattin1@campus.unimib.it

Alessandra Checchetto : alessandrach@hotmail.com
Deafness; Sign languages; Tactile sign languages

Francesca Costa : f.costa9@campus.unimib.it
Language acquisition; Language impairments; Bilingualism

Beatrice Giustolisi : beatrice.giustolisi@unimib.it
Deafness; Sign languages; Bimodal bilingualism; Cochlear implants

Giulia Mornati: g.mornati1@campus.unimib.it

Valentina Persici : v.persici@campus.unimib.it
language and music; language processing; bilingualism

Mirta Vernice : mirta.vernice@unimib.it
Psycholinguistics; Language acquisition; Language processing



Chiara Cantiani
Language and learning impairments, infants at familial risk, auditory processing, morphosyntax, event-related potentials

Shenai Hu
Chinese; Syntax; Language acquisition; Specific language impairments; Bilingualism

Lara Mantovan
Sign languages; Syntax; Sociolinguistics; Corpus linguistics; Psycholinguisitcs

Elena Pagliarini
Language acquisition, Experimental pragmatics, Dyslexia


Nothing from September 20, 2019 to September 20, 2020.