Jasmijn Bosch

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Jasmijn Bosch is doing a PhD within the MultiMind network, an international research project focusing on multilingualism. Her project is called ‘Language and literacy education in migrant children in educational settings’, and supervised by Francesca Foppolo, Maria Teresa Guasti and Fabrizio Arosio.

Jasmijn studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Utrecht and Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam, during which she focused on language acquisition and psycholinguistics. Bilingualism is one of her favorite research topics, not only because it has the potential to add new insights to our knowledge of human cognition, but also because of its social relevance. In her PhD project, she will therefore investigate early second language acquisition and reading development in different populations of bilingual children, ultimately aiming to contribute to psycholinguistic theory as well as to the development of evidence-based educational policy.

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June 18, 2024
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