Letizia Raminelli


Letizia Raminelli is a PhD student in “Psychology, Linguistics and Cognitive Neuroscience” at the University of Milano-Bicocca, supervised by Prof. Maria Teresa Guasti.

Letizia graduated in “Language and Mind: Linguistics and Cognitive Studies” at the University of Siena with a thesis project on the comprehension of reflexive si in monolingual and bilingual Italian-speaking preschoolers.

Her PhD – that falls within the European project “Realising Leibniz’s Dream: Child Languages as a Mirror of the Mind” – focuses on the acquisition of the negative focus particles persino…non, neppure, nemmeno and neanche via investigation of the interaction between negation and scalar and additive inferences in comprehension and production in monolingual Italian-speaking preschool and school-aged children.

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